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dunderball's Journal

Agent Michael Scarn
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To get in, you will need to take a test. No pseudo Office fans allowed.
"no cookie!", 69, 8:30pm on thursday nights, adopting at cheap prices, afghanistanis with aids, agent michael scarn, anal fissures, andrea the office bitch, andy, angela kinsey, angela martin, any type of mom, assistant (to the) sensai, assistant regional manager, awesome blossom extra awesome, b.j. novak, babies playing instruments, bacon, basketball, beet farms, bfd, big tuna, bob vance vance refrigeration, bobblehead dolls, booze cruise, brookstone, casual fridays, chili's, cholesterol levels at will, coffee breath, collard people, conan o'brien, concussions, cornell, cosby impersonations, count choculitis, creed, crentist the dentist, darryl, dinkin' flicka, diwali, downsizing, dunder mifflin paper supply, dunder-mifflin, dunderball, dundies, dwangela, dwight "diapers" schrute, dwight schrute, dwight thinking it's friday, dwight's army of champions, dwight's cousin mose, edward r. meow, estimating, faggy, fashion shows at lunch!!!1, fleecin' it out, flesh eating bacteria, footbaths, gaydar, george foreman grills, government-created killer nanorobot infection, grass roots, great scott!, h.e.r.o, hate crimes, here comes treble, hooters, hot dog fingers, ipods, jachael, jam, jan levinson, jenna fischer, jesus's lame party, jim halpert, john krasinski, keep it simple stupid, kevin and phyllis farms, kevin malone, kevin's mom, killing jim irl, lasertag, lazy scranton, legally blonde, leprosy, little miss sunshine, lord of the rings, lost, m&m's, man, max minghella, michael scott, michael vs. toby, mila kunis, mindy kaling, mint chocolate chip, monday blues, movie monday, mutey the mailman, my humps, office olympics, oscar nunez, oven mitts, paintball, pam 2.0, pam beesly, pam pong, pim, pizza, preztel day, queer as fuck, question:, r.e.m., rainn wilson, ryan howard, ryan starting the fire, sbarros, scrantonicity, sensai, sharper image, simply incalculcable, spontaneous dental hydroplosion, stanley hudson, stanley the manly, stanley trees, staplers in jell-o, steve carell, that's what he said, that's what she said, the davinci code, the l word, the lion king, think you do mon, thirsty schrute babies, tickets to the gunshow, tmi, todd packer, varsity blues, vietnam sounds, virtual united nations, vodka, vomicillin, weekend at bernie's, what's updog?, whitest sneaker award, william hung, x-rated gay porn, yankee swap